Friday, November 30, 2012

Riddle-Wearing a necktie on Shabbos

Yankel lived in downtown Toronto (no eiruv) The Rov told him that this shabbos he
may not wear the tie out of the house, and the following shabbos he may wear the
same tie (no eiruv) outdoors.

1)      The issur of chutz l’tchum is applicable to people and belongings.
2)      An item belonging to two people can only be used within the eiruv of both owners.
3)      A person out of  t’chum gets his 4 amos. ie he may walk within the 4 amos
4)      A house or any reshus hayachid is considered within 4 amos.

Yankel  couldn’t afford the beautiful Hermes tie. He got his brother Zvi,
 to invest in the tie. Their deal was that they were both to wear the tie.
There were  no specific days one got to wear it. Whoever wanted it on
that day, wore it.*
Zvi traveled to Eretz Yisrael for one Shabbos  (chutz l'tchum). He left
behind his brother Yankel and the Hermes tie.

Yankel may not wear the tie out doors while his brother Zvi is away.

*Had the deal been, each one gets his turn to wear it, then Yankel
may wear the tie outdoors when it’s his turn even while his brother Is chutz l’tchum
** Shulchan Oruch Hl. Shabbos #397- 8

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