Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chazon Ish Blech

This week's daf

Esrogim dealers charge a premium price for esrogim & hadasim that have
the name chazon ish attached to them.

I am surprised that the frum hardware stores haven’t
come up yet with a chazon ish blech.
See attached : Chazon Ish Blech

The Chazon Ish holds that  chazara may be done only by  putting
the pot on top of another  pot  (kedeira al gabi kedeira). Our
flat blechs are useless.

Using a blech does not change the status of the burning stove into
a gerufah uketuma and you may not return the pot. (most poskim disagree)
The Piskei Teshuvos (siman 253 footnote #50 quotes a sefer (Och ci)
that the Chazon Ish told him to ask the blech maker to put a lip surrounding
the blech and this will give it a status of a Kedeirah (pot)
and he will be allowed to do chazarah. (even according the Chazon Ish.) 

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