Monday, October 22, 2012

6 different Shemonei Esrei

Six meshulochim  arrived  from E. Yisrael.  Each one had to daven a different
Shemone Esrei .

1)      E.Y. started  saying  “v’sein tal umotor”   Monday evening 7 marcheshvan
       2)    Chutz Laaretz   starts saying  “v’sein tal umotor”  on Dec 4 (evening)
3)      Tuesday  7 Cheshven  is one of the  fast days  mentioned in megilas taanis and
Shulchan aruch 580 - 1 (those fasting say aneinu)

                                      Halacha v’lo lemaaseh
Six meshulochim  A, A1, B, B1,  C,  and  C1  all live in E.Yisrael and travelled to  Chutz Laaretz.
Mincha  on Tuesday 7  Cheshvan  , each one had to  daven a  different Shemonei.Esrei.

A, arrived on Monday   6 Cheshvon and plans to stay till Dec 5 (or longer)
A, says  v’sein brocho
A 1, arrived on Monday   6 Cheshvon and plans to stay till Dec 5 (or longer)  & fasts
A1,  says  v’sein brocho  & aneinu
B,   arrived  on Monday  6 Cheshvon and plans to return before Dec.4
B, says “v’sein brocho “  and at  shma koleinu he must also say  v’sein tal umotor” 
B1  arrived  on Monday  6 Cheshvon and plans to return before Dec.4  & fasts
B,1 says “v’sein brocho “  and at  shma koleinu he must also say  v’sein tal umotor”  & aneinu

C, left  E.Y.  on Tuesday morning   7 Cheshvon
C, says  “v’sein tal umotor” 
C1, left E.Y.  on Tuesday morning   7 Cheshvon & fasts
C1, says  “v’sein tal umotor”  & aneinu

Summary :    
A says v’sein brocho –
A 1 says v’sein brocho & aneinu
B  says v’sein brocho &v’sein tal umotor” 
B 1 says v’sein brocho &v’sein tal umotor”  & aneinu.

C says “ v’sein tal umotor”  “
C1 says” v’sein tal umotor”  & aneinu

*Teshuvos v’hanhogos vol 2 (R. M. Sternbuch shlita) -  Rabbi Yosef Koval shlita Cleveland Hts. OH.

PS. R. B. Lampert answered where the B & B1  came from  a country that
has opposite seasons than E.Y.(south America  etc.)  and rain is needed  at  that time, then
you have to say v’sein brocho and tal umotor at shma koleinu.

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