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                      חודש סיון מזל תאומים

The 18 twins in the Torah

*תאומה היתה עם בנימן 
("Oתוס' "תיומה היתה  עם כל השבטי)

1) (קין והבל (פרקי דרבי אליעזר פ' כ"א**
2) (יבל ויובל (חזקוני בראשית ד : כ
3) (יעקב ועשיו (בראשית כה:כד
4) (רחל ולאה (סדר עולם רבה פ"ב
5) (זבולון ודינה (אבן עזרא בראשית ל' כ"א
6) (אפרים ומנשה (סדר הדורות
7) (פרץ וזרח (בראשית לח כז

The 11 שבטים (+Zevulun) +7 = 18 Twins

*Bava Basra 123a
**According to the פסיקתא זוטרי, the
wives were their twin sisters (not קין והבל)


The גמרא says one is obligated to honor his older brother.

The הלכות קטנות (2:174) writes, There is a possibility for
the opposite is true, where the older brother is the one
who is obligated to honor his younger brother.

Twins who were  born in a leap year, one on the 29th day
in Adar 1 (ראשון) and the second one was born on the 1st.
of Adar 2 (שני),

The younger brother becomes Bar Mitzvah on the 1st of Adar
& the older brother becomes Bar Mitzvah 28 days later on the
29th of Adar (Bar Mitzvah on a regular year)

Being the younger brother becomes a גדול before his older
brother, therefore, the older brother is מחוייב to honor his
younger brother".

The שבות יעקב argues and holds even in this case the younger
brother is the one who has to honor his older brother.


A dying person wrote in his  will,

If his pregnant wife will have a son,

The son shall receive 2/3 of his assets

and his wife shall receive 1/3 of his assets.

If she has a daughter, then, the

wife shall receive 2/3 of his assets,

and the daughter shall receive 1/3 of his assets.

His wife had twins, a boy and a girl.

How do you divide the assets?


Avu es iz doh תורה  iz doh חכמה

R. Chaim Brisker solved this, with a very

simple solution.

The dying husband wanted his son to

receive twice as much as his mother.

He also wanted the mother to receive

twice as much as her daughter.

Therefore you divide the assets into

seven parts. The son gets 4 parts, the

mother gets 2 parts and the daughter

gets 1 part.


The כל בו (52) writes, "The מנהג is, for women to bake on שבועות

a long bread with four corners (probably a line in the middle)
לזכר the שתי הלחם (looks like 2 breads) or because  מזל סיון תאומים (twins)"


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