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Treading the beautiful path


                 Was it a misprint?

In the back of the שו"ת נודע ביהודה מהו' תנינא they printed a
copy of the שטר רבנות the city of Prague presented to
the נודע ביהודה.
As is customarily done it was written in flowery & poetic

In one of the  phrases, it says אנשי שם ויפיפי פעם ( the people
accepting the N.B. as their Rav)

The publisher of the נודע ביהודה writes in the footnotes that
the words "יפיפי פעםis a mistake because there is no
such terminology and it has no meaning.

He continues, he is surprised at the original publisher of
this שטר רבנות, Harav Professor Kauffman for not realizing 
this mistake.

The fact is, the term "יפיפי פעם" is not a mistake. It was used
close to a thousand years ago when the Piyut for שביעי של פסח
was written. The פייטן describes the Yidden as יפיפי פעם.
The term is probably based on the Pasuk in
שיר השירים  - מה יפו פעמיך 

Art Scroll translates יפיפי פעם "those who on the beautiful
path do tread" (בני ישראל)





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