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Teach the teachers


DO YOU KNOW THE מה נשתנה?

*incorrect translation: 
מה נשתנה - why is it different?

correct translation:
 מה נשתנה -how different it is!

מה = what - how  
למה - מדוע = why 

שמעתי ממורי ורבי הרה"ג ר' שלמה מילר שליט"א

Those learning Gemoro, are familiar with the words זבין  (with a Yud) and זבן (without the Yud).   זבין means sold and זבן means bought.
Therefore חד גדיא דזבין אבא should be translated, my father sold,
unless you change the spelling to דזבן.
Mori V'Rabi Harav Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller Shlita said, there is a third possibility to keep the spelling with a Yud but change the pronunciation to DEZVIN instead of DEZABIN.
The translation will change to " One kid the "purchase" of my father. 

Bais Yakov Schools and Chadorim have been teaching
the children, Hagada Shel Pesach.

Most children will be able to sing, translate, and memorize 
 the 10 מכות.

The הגהות מיימוני writes the reason R. Yehudah gave the siman of דצ"ך עד"ש is because Dovid Hamelech in Tehillim (78 & 105) mixed up the order of the מכות. R. Yehudah gave the siman for the מביאי ביכורים to say it in the proper order.  

The Chasam Sofer writes the reason why the order in Tehillim is mixed up because there is a סכנה to verbalize  the מכות) נזיקין)
Therefore, except for ליל שמורים, the order of the מכות are mixed up, to mix up the צנורות (pipelines) so no harm will come from saying it.

The Ch.Sofer continues that for this reason when teaching children we should mix up the order of the 10 מכות. Only at the Seder night should they say it in order. The way to memorize the proper order should be with the siman of דצ"ך עד"ש 

Perhaps since none of the schools & Chadorim follow the Chasam Sofer's advice and do teach it in the proper order
there is no danger in doing so because of 'שומר פתאים ה. Chazal tell us if the masses do something foolish & dangerous, Hashem protects the fools. אמבצי

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