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וילדה זכר‎


           כי תזריע וילדה זכר

R. Yaakov Lipschutz  Zt"l* in his Sefer זכרון יעקב (Pg 65-66) describes the 
Minhagim of the olden days (before his time) of when a baby boy was born in The Lita (Lithuania) 

1) קריאת שמע Leining with the children was done every evening all the eight days.

2) Friday night at the שלום זכר beer & beans were served.
Afterward, the adults Leined קריאת שמע (at the שלום זכר). 

3) Shabbos morning was the בן זכר Kiddush. They served cake & whiskey.
When whiskey was taxed and became expensive, Kiddush was served to relatives only.

4) The night before the Bris they invited some Talmidei Chachamim to learn in the house. (Vach Nacht)

5) The baby was dressed for the Bris with a miniature Shtreimel and was wrapped in a Tallis.

6) The כסא של אליהו was the same chair as the one used for הגבהה גלילה.

7) The Kvatter were little children dressed like adults. The boy wore a Shtreimel & the girl wore a Tichel.

*He was the secretary of R Yitzchok Elchonon (Kovno)

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