Thursday, March 14, 2024

Rav Henkin , R. Chaim Oizer, & the Chasam Sofer Zt"l


My father זללה"ה told me when he learned in Nitra Yeshivah (Slovakia) R Chaim Oizer Grodzinski Zt"l was Niftar.

R Michoel Ber Weissmandel Zt"l gave a Hesped in the Yehivah.

He quoted from a קדמון (I think it was the מהרש"ל) who said that in every דור there is a מנהיג בישראל who is בבחינת משה רבינו
דהיינו, משה אמת ותורתו אמת.

RMB. Weissmandel said that he believes that he can point to two Gedolim who would be considered the משה רבינו of their generation 1) The Chasam Sofer and 2) R. Chaim Oizer.

Rav Henkin Zt"l, writes that R. Chaim Oizer said (Years before the establishment of the State) that the איסור of אל תמרדו באומות "Not to rebel against the nations" applies even to the Jewish nation and even to a Non-Frum Government one must be respectful and have כבוד מלכות ומורא מלכות

R Ch. Oizer & the Chasam Sofer both hold that כבוד מלכות applies to even a מלכות הרשעה and they both brought a proof from דוד המלך ואחאב

שניהם לדבר אחד נתכוונו


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