Monday, November 6, 2023

What a blessing!



 ממשה עד משה לא קם עוד כמשה
Since Moוshe Rabbeinu, there has never been a greater Rebbie 
in Hilchos צדקה וחסד as 
R.Moishe Reichmann זצלה"ה.  
He was the one who taught us, how to support Mosdos Hatorah and the needy.
He was the one who taught us, to give away hundreds of millions to צדקה.
He was the one who taught us, that donating צדקה may also be done
without publicity & recognition. 

He was the one who taught us, giving to the נצרכים with humility & בדרך כבוד.
His צדקה benefited directly or indirectly almost every single Yid in the entire world.

הוא האיש שהיה משכמו ומעלה גבוה ועניו מכל העם

                   יום השנה כ"א משהרייכמאן חשוןיהי זכרו ברוך


                 WHAT A BLESSING

והברך את אברהם בכל, ר"מ אומר שלא היה לו בת
ב"ב ט"ז ע"ב - קמ"א ע"א

The כתב סופר (Parshas חיי שרה) writes, that in a letter
he wrote to his son, the רמב"ם blames his
daughter for his white hair.
It came about from the worries, he had, finding a Shidduch
for her, with someone befitting his family.

The רמב"ן writes, had אברהם have had a daughter he would
have had worries about whom to give her away to.

The כתב סופר explains, even with all of Avraham's riches etc.
it was a blessing not having a daughter so there won't be
any worries of finding her a שידוך הגון



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