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לז"נ הרב כתריאל בן ר'חיים בנימין  צבי קלצקי זצ"ל
יום השנה  י"ז בתמוז


*ושבעה עשר בתמוז
 הפך לנו לששון ולשמחה-
 הפך לנו לשמחה ולששון-
 הפך לנו ליום ישועה ונחמה
 Tasting food on a Fast day


Rochel wasn't sure if she added enough pepper to the soup. 
She asked her Rav if she may taste the soup on17th Tamuz.

The Rav answered that she may take a spoonful and
taste it and then spit it out.

Leah asked the same question from the same Rav.
She wasn't sure if she added enough salt to the soup.

The Rav answered that she may not taste the
soup even if she spits it out.

3 Answers

a) Rochel was a Sephardi. The Rav told
her to follow the Psak of the Bais Yosef who
allows tasting food (& spitting out) on a תענית
except for on Tisha B'Av & Yom Kippur. 

Leah was an Askenzi & must follow the
Rema who forbids tasting food on every תענית

b) The מ"ב  תקס"ז סק"ו  quotes the חיי אדם
"when cooking for a סעודת מצוה one may
taste the food on a תענית" (may not swallow)
Rochel cooked a סעודת מצוה

c) The (ברכי יוסף תקס"ח ) brings a מחלוקת
If someone mistakenly made a ברכה (on food) 
on a תענית 
According to the נחפה בכסף, he should eat less
than a כזית 
Others argue and hold to say בשכמל"ו after making
the ברכה.

סליחות לי"ז בתמוז*

   NO ברכה ראשונה

a) When tasting food and not swallowing it, no ברכה is made

b) When drinking water before a fast and is not thirsty but
doing it just to keep oneself hydrated
According to R.Y.S. Elyashiv Zt"l, no ברכה is made
According to R.S. Wosner Zt"l the Minhag is to make a ברכה.



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