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Parshas Hashavua


Because he ate the apple, he is required to
make 20 Brachos.

However, some years, if he eats the apple in the
week of Parshas ואתחנן he doesn't need to say 
the 20 Brachos. 

Shulchan Aruch O. Ch. 294: 1
If one forgets to say אתה חוננתנו on Motzei Shabbos,
he is not required to repeat the שמונה עשרה.

If however, he ate before making Havdalah, and
not having said אתה חוננתנו, he must repeat the
entire שמונה עשרה.

The 19 Brachos of שמונה עשרה and בורא נפשות 
equals 20 ברכות

הרב שלמה זלמן אויערבך זצ"ל holds if ט' באב falls on a Sunday and one forgot to say אתה חוננתנו on Motzei Shabbos and he ate Sunday night (after fast) before making הבדלה, he is not obligated to repeat
the שמונה עשרה

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