Monday, July 3, 2023


  אלא אלין קב"ה ושכינתיה ואביו ואמו דאף על גב דמיתו.

קב"ה אעקר לון מג"ע ואייתי לון עמיה לההוא חדוה
לנטלא חולקא דחדוה עם קב"ה ושכינתיה
(זהר פ' פנחס (רי"ט

The זהר says that Hashem removes  deceased
parents from גן עדן and bring them with
him to participate in the שמחה (wedding) of their children.

It seems from the זהר that no invitation is necessary
for them to attend. (Trust in Hashem to take care of it)

There is no מקור anywhere about inviting deceased
parents to the wedding.
Placing printed invitations (some with return cards)
seems even silly.

Many Chasidim do have this Minhag of inviting parents &
even others to the wedding. It was started by Rebbes who
were able to communicate with the נשמות.

Only those with Chasidic background need to follow this
Minhag. For all others, there is no such Minhag of inviting

שמעתי בשם שר התורה הגרח"ק זצ"ל

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