Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Mikvah water won't help


. פרשת שלח
ועשו להם ציצית

Reb Pinchus Hirshprung Zatzal 


Hagaon Rav Pinchus Hirshprung Zt"l said,

In the last Drasha R. Menachem Zemba HYD. gave
to the Bachurim in Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin
(28, Sivan תרח"ץ 1938) 
He quoted the Gemoro 

" קשר עליון דאורייתא

and said:

"קשר עליון- If you want to attach yourself to 
the שוכן עליון (Hashem) - דאורייתא the only way to
do so, is by learning his Torah.

No amount of  Mikvah water will help you. All you
need is to learn Torah. Only this will bring you
close and connect you to Hashem and enable you
to have a קשר עליון"



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