Monday, May 1, 2023

My G-d Kefirah




                         My G-d, כפירה




R. Yosef Shapiro* z"l from צפת wrote & composed two
songs specifically for ל"ג בעומר

1) לכבוד התנא האלוקי ר' שמעון בר יוחאי
2) אשרינו
The very popular song לכבוד התנא האלוקי is sung allover
on ל"ג בעומר and also throughout the year.

Pronouncing  Elokai with a פתח under the ק means "My G-d"
Singing התנא האלוקי with a פתח under the ק is דברי כפירה
It's saying ח"ו that The תנא is my G-d. הס מלהזכיר

There will be those who will defend it and argue that
it can't be wrong/כפירה when you have thousands of
Yidden singing it that way.

This same argument was probably also used when 
there  were thousands of Yidden worshipping the
עגל הזהב

*Niftar 1951


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