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DAF YOMI סוטה כ"א ע"ב

[כל המלמד את בתו תורה [כאילו מלמדה תיפלות

The Rambam & Shulchan Aruch  Pasken that one may not
teach Torah to women.

In the year 1918 when the first Bais Yaakov was established
the פוסק הדור, the Chafetz Chaim was מתיר to teach 
women חומש,נ"ך,ומוסר. He held it necessary because the women
stopped holding on to family traditions the way they used to do
in the past.

The Satmar Rebbe R. Yolish Teitelbaum Zt"l, was very
much against the Bais Yaakov Schools where they 
teach Rashi, Ramban, etc.

The Rebbe refers to them as טפשים for relying on the
Chafetz Chaim who was מתיר only חומש without 
Rashi, Ramban etc.

Rav Wosner & the Klauzenburger Rav Zt"l both agreed 
with the Satmar Rebbe that there is a איסור גמור to
teach them Rashi & Ramban etc.







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