Monday, March 13, 2023

second coming, new testament, & פרשת החדש



 Parshas Hachodesh

In the סילוק לפ' החדש The קליר  refers to  Moshiach's
arrival “ויתכסה מהם שבעים שבעה ( *ששה)”  A period of
seven times a seven-year cycle משיח will be covered.

Rashi in (12-דניאל (12  explains that  after מלך המשיח will
reveal himself,   he will go back into hiding for forty-five
years and then reveal himself again for a second time.

(second coming)

The פיוט continues and enumerates all the new occurrences
that will happen after Moshiach’s arrival. One of them
will be  “לכרות ברית חדשה”. Hashem will make a new
bond (testament) with כלל ישראל.

*Rashi has the גירסאששה (6)



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