Friday, March 3, 2023

Maid In Heaven



There is a מחלוקת הפוסקים if women are מחוייב
in the מצות זכירת מחיית עמלק.

One of the first sources of the Poskim who hold that
women are מחוייב with the Mitzvah goes back to
R Nosson Adler Zt"l who insisted that even the maids
(Jewish) should go to Shul to listen to Parshas זכור


Why would we think that women who wash the
dishes or scrub the floors should be less obligated
than other women to perform Mitzvohs? 

If women are obligated to observe מצוות זכירת מחיית עמלק 

why would the maid be less obligated?

     ?למה נגרע 

In Western Europe, especially Germany,
almost all women went to Shul every Shabbos. The
younger children were left behind with the Nanny/maid.
Even lower-income households afforded maids etc.

R.N. Adler didn't try to say that even the maid is
obligated in the מצות זכירת מחיית עמלק. If women
are obligated then all women are equally obligated
in the מצוה

All he said was, that even the maids who usually
don't go to Shul need to go to Shul this week so
that they will be יוצא the מצוה.



                                 Addendum to yesterday's email 
                                NOT ONLY A YEKISHE MINHAG

ומה קול הצאן הזה באזני

                            A Yerushalmi בעל קריאה who also
                            does it himself, sent me this 

הראב"ד הגאון רבי ישראל יעקב פישר זצ"ל היה קורא"
"----ההפטרה בקול ועושה כן בהדגשה ומההההה






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