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-----שלושים יום קודם החג

My Rebbie's חומרא for Pesach-
Don't be מקנה the מצות to your guest at the סדר

Mori V'Rabi Harav Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller Shlita said,* 
"Food that the owner has a right to eat, even if there are some
restrictions on them are considered to belong to him.

Therefore, one is   עובר על בל יראה ובל ימצא on לחמי תודה
being it's considered enough of לכם just by having the right
to eat them (רשות אכילה

Similarly one is יוצא אכילת מצה with מעשר שני  and it is considered
his just because he has  רשות אכילה even though there are other
restrictions on מעשר שני.

Accordingly, if one is invited to the Seder, there is no need 
for the host to be מקנה the Matzos to the guest
. There is no need
for the Matzos to fully belong to the guest. Having a רשות אכילה is
enough ownership to be יוצא."

Since it is not necessary to be מקנה, R.S.M suggested that
perhaps it is better not to be מקנה the Matzos on Yom Tov.

Doing a קנין on Yom Tov is only allowed when it is a Mitzvah.
If there is no need to do it then there is no Mitzvah and one
may not do a קנין.

דרשת שבת הגדול תשע"ט*


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