Monday, February 27, 2023

Why the golden Bekeshe & fancy heavy fur coat?

 ועשית בגדי קדש לאהרן אחיך לכבוד ולתפארת

Why the golden Bekeshe & fancy heavy fur coat?

Why is it that the many Chasidic Rebbes dress fancy
colored Bekeshes, Shtreimels & fur-lined coats, whereas
the Roshei Yeshivohs wear a plain Frak (long coat) & plain
This question was asked from the
נצי"ב and he answered,
That this Minhag goes back in history a long time ago

כלל ישראל had two leaders one in תורה and one in עבודה
We don't find
משה רבינו who represents תורה to have any
special clothing. Whereas
אהרן ובניו הכהנים who represent
עבודה had to wear special בגדי כהונה

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