Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Shvigger



Parshas Hashavua וארא

The happiest person in the world.


The Midrash Tanchuma (Parshas Shmini) says,
"We don't find any man or woman as happy
as אלישבע בת עמינדב Her husband אהרן
was the כהן גדולl and a נביא. Her brother in
law משה was king and a נביא. Her sons were
סגני כהונה. Her brother נחשון was the
head of all the נשיאים. (M.Rabah adds  her 
grandson פנחס, was the משיח מלחמה)

This only lasted until she lost her two sons.
(נדב אביהוא)

Therefore the Pasuk says אמרתי להוללים אל תהלו
and Shlomo said לשחוק אמרתי מהולל





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