Sunday, January 8, 2023

Gezeiras פרעה- Shidduch crisis


חז"ל explain "ואת עמלינו" refers to the killing of our sons
as it says כל הבן הילוד היארה תשליכוהו וכל הבת תחיון  
The ברוך שאמר על הגדש"פ writes that Chazal intentionally 
continued with the last part of the פסוק of וכל הבת תחיון
to teach us that the גזירה was not only the killing of the boys
but also leaving the girls to stay alive and not having anyone
to marry. This in itself is a great חורבן.

This catastrophic גזירת פרעה is unfortunately going on
in our generation. Thousands of Yiddishe Kinder are
suffering from this גזירה that the Yeshivah system is
partially (good part) to be blamed. 

Perhaps, they too should listen to דעת תורה
or at least find out what דעת תורה has to say.

It seems that the only solution in sight is to have a 
TEN YEAR STUDY to find out the exact percentage
that the age gap between boys & girls is responsible
for this catastrophe and then we might do something
about it.

                Psak from R. Chaim Kanievski Zt'l based on a Psak of the Chazon Ish 
                         ( ספר שי"ח שידוך מאת הרה"ג ר' נפתלי וויינברגר שליט"א)




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