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The following are Halachos guidelines for one who travels during Chanukah. from Moreinu V'Rabeinu Hagaon Rav Shlomo Miller Shlita
compiled by Harav Hagaon R. Yehudah Gestetner Shlita

One should preferably not make travel plans that interfere with lighting the Menorah in its proper time. Hadlokos Neiros of Chanukah was so important in Chazals view, that it is one of the only Mitzvos that Chazal required a person to spend ALL his money, (when one has no other option) in order to fulfill this Mitzvah . It is therefore incumbent that we adhere to the fulfillment of this Mitzvah accordingly.
If one has already purchased plane tickets to travel at a time that will prevent one from lighting the Menorah in its proper time, and to change the reservation would cause a significant monetary loss, it is nonetheless praiseworthy to do so. (as Halacha mandates that one must even sell the shirt off his back for the Mitzava of Hadlokos Neiros).
If one is flying abroad and the only way to light Bzman would require him to take a mult-leg journey it is praiseworthy to do so.
Lchatichila one should arrange his travel plans in such a way that he either leaves after the Zman Hadlakah, or that he has ample time to arrive at his destination before the Zman Hadlakah.
If one lights the Menorah after the Zman Hadlakah and wishes to leave right after he lights, he is not required to wait at home for a half an hour after lighting before he leaves. He can leave immediately after lighting as long as he ensures that the Neiros remain lit for an half an hour after Tzais Hakochovim.
If one is travelling and is unable to light Bzman Hadlaka the following order of preference should be followed, with the first on the list being the most preferable at the last on the list being the least preferable.
If one is leaving during the day (even if leaving after Plag Hamincha) and will be arriving at their destination during the night at a time when others will be able to observe the lit Neiros he should light upon arriving at his destination.
If one is leaving immediately after sunset (even if he usually lights after Tzais Hacochovim) he should light after Shkiyah before leaving and make sure there is enough oil for the light to stay lit until a half hour after Tsais Hakochovim.
If one is leaving after Plag Hamincha (Plag according to the Gra  in Toronto is at 347pm) but before Shkiyah and won’t arrive at his destination until the next morning, or if he will arrive during the night but there won’t be anyone awake to observe the lit Neiros he should light before before he leaves.
If one is leaving before Plag Hamincha and will be traveling by car through the night and wont be arriving until the morning (and there is no household memeber left at home who can light for him), he should stop at a rest area and light the menorah in his car, and wait a half an hour. This should be done sometime during the night when others can observe his lit menorah.
In all the above cases the very last time one is allowed to light he menorah at night is a half an hour before Alos Hashachar (Alos in Toronto is at 614 a.m.)

If one is taking the 445pm Air Canada flight from Toronto to Eretz Yisroel from Pearson Airport (see above-highlighted sentence in red) the following order of preference should be followed.
If a family member (a boy over Bar Mitzvah or a girl older than Bas Mitzva) has remained at home, then that family member (preferably the husband or the wife) should light the Menorah Bzman Hadlakh and be Moitzi the family members that are traveling.
If no family member is left at home, then one should find a neighbor to light at his home as a Shliach for the travelling family (only one menorah needs to be lit even if multiple family members are traveling).
This lighting must take place at the front window even if usually his Minhag is light inside the house.
The Shliach should first light his own Menorah in his own house with a Brocho and immediately afterwards go to his neighbors’ home to light for them.
The Shliach should not talk between the lighting of his Menorah and that of his neighbors.
The Shliach should not say “Hanaros Halalu” after lighting his own menorah but rather after the lighting of his neighbors Menorah.
The Shliach should be sure to light his, and his Neighbours Menorah only after Shkiyah but before his neighbours flight takes off.
If the Shliach spoke out or mistakenly after lighting his own menorah, then the Shliach should make a new Brocho when lighting his neighbours Menorah. If the Shliach mistakenly said “Hanaros Halalu” on his own Menorah he does not make a new Brocho when lighting his neighbours Menorah.
Once the plane takes off it is too late for the neighbour to light for his neighbor.
(Note that the above solution only works (bdieved) because Pearson Airport is within the “Techum”  of Toronto.  This solution does not necessarily work for all cities).
If one cannot find a Shliach to light for him after Shkiyah then he should try to light after Plag Hamincha at his house (even if this means returning to his house from the airport after he checks in) with a Brocho (on the front window) making sure there is enough oil in his Menorah to stay until a half an hour after Tzais Hakochavim.
One may not light in the airport Hadlokes Neiros (even if the airport allows it).
If nobody was able to light for him as a Shliach, and he was unable to light at home after Plag Hamincha, or if the flight leaves before Plag Hamincha and will only land at his destination after day break, one should light with a battery-operated flashlight with an incandescent bulb at his seat after takeoff.  (One may not read or benefit from the light during the first half hour of lighting.) One does not make a brocho when lighting with a flashlight as this is extremely Bdieved.
One may not light his menorah in any place dedicated to public use, and doing so would constitute a Brocho Lvatalah.
One may not light a menorah in a hotel room if the hotel prohibits lighting candles in the room.  Doing so may be a Brocho Lvatoloh.(for more details one should consult their Rav).

                                             reviewed & corrected byהגרש"מ שליט"א 


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