Monday, December 5, 2022

Bar Mitzva Parsha


לכ'  בן בתה של אחותי הב' הבר מצוה יודל נר"ו
נכד הרה"ג ר' עוזיאל מילבסקי זצ"ל



The זהר beginning of the Parsha (וישלח)
writes, --- כי מלאכיו יצוה לך לשמרך 
When a child reaches the age of 13 years
he receives the Yetzer Tov thereby having
two מלאכים within him.
If the right (יצה"ט) overpowers the left (יצה"ר)
then he has both מלאכים protecting him.

The מקור (source) that a boy 
becomes Bar Mitzvah at age 13 is from
this week's Parsha
 Rashi in  אבות (Perek 5) & נזיר כ"ט ע"ב*  writes:
 "We don't find  in the Torah,anyone under the
age of 13 to be called איש (man)
In (בראשית ל"ד) it says
 ויקחו שני בני יעקב שמעון ולוי איש חרבו
It is known** that both Shimon & Levi were
at that time 13-year-olds (Shimon 14 years)."

* What is commonly referred to, as Rashi on M.Nazir
is not  Rashi. See Gilyon Hashas (R.A.Eiger)
Nazir 2a.
Many believe it was the Rivan who wrote it

(son in law of Rashi) 
 בן ** See Torah Temimah for calculation



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