Monday, November 28, 2022

the Holocaust

 Years before the Holocaust, there were very few Gedolim who

foresaw what was coming, in order to advise their flock what
action to take to save themselves from the upcoming Churban.

Most of the Gedolim did not foresee the future and as a result,
gave bad advice, or at best had no advice to give until it
was too late.

Part of the גזירה מן השמים then was that the עיני העדה were blinded.
They were not aware of how the Churban was approaching.

Mori V'Rabi Harav Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller Shlita quoted this
past Shabbos (Toldos) from R Shamshon Rafoel Hirsh Zt"l who
said, one of the lessons we learn from the Parsha of יצחק & עשיו
is, that you can also fool & mislead a גדול.

I am just wondering if we have today a similar situation where
the עיני העדה are once again blinded.

If we do not do something concrete regarding the Shidduch crisis,
we will ח"ו have a Shidduch Holocaust approaching.

If we don't change the situation to narrow the age gap between
boys & girls marrying, then in a matter of just a few short years
from now, 20% of Yeshivish /Heimish girls will never get married
and will remain עגונות for the rest of their lives. 

Twenty percent of future generations are being  ח"ו wiped out

In addition to that, there is and will be an increase in unhappy
marriages & divorces due to the fact that girls have to settle for
anything that comes their way in dates. 


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