Monday, November 14, 2022

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall

 לא תקח אשה לבני

because he is in the freezer

Even if the freezer תקנה might have been a noble idea

when it started. (Mori V'Rabi holds it's wrong to force Bachurim

be עובר על דברי חז"ל)

However, by now it undoubtedly is part of the cause for adding

to the misery of the thousands of parents who have daughters

to marry off.

Widening the age gap an additional 4-5 months creates

hundreds of Agunos, girls who will never get married.

Every Shadchan for Yeshivish families will tell you that in

his/her inventory there are at least 4-5 times as many girls

than boys.

Narrowing the age gap between boys & girls, will increase the

Shadchan's inventory of boys and will enable more girls to get married. 

IMAGINE If all the Bachurim stuck in the freezer were released

right at the beginning of the Zman and added to the inventory

of the Shadchanim how it will improve the situation.

The מהרש"א explains the Gemoro (Shabbos 31)

that לאחר מאה ועשרים one of the first questions one

will be asked  is ? עסקת בפריה ורביה it doesn't say קיימת

but עסקת because one will be asked if he was busy

helping others get married.

All those who want to be able to answer כן,עסקתי בפריה ורביה

should get involved in helping to solve the catastrophic

Shidduch crisis.

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