Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Everybody(almost) has it wrong


Everybody(almost) has it wrong

There are hundreds of words we pronounce
incorrectly in Davening, learning, etc.

a few examples:
דור הפלגה
It is not Dor Haflogah but Dor Hapalegah 

Haflagah = distance . וסת הפלגה, The
time (distance) between the 1st and 2nd וסת
A boat leaving shore (distancing) מפליג בספינה
Hapalegah = dividing, breaking up, halving 

פכים קטנים-
small jugs (plural) The correct pronunciation is
Pakim (with a kaf) not Pachim (with a chaf)
unlike פחים with a ח (Ches) (cans - tin)

 משנה ברורה
The correct pronunciation is Mishna Verurah
and not Berurah the same as שפה ברורה is 
not pronounced Berurah but Verurah.

Many people pronounce it incorrectly.In נשמת,ELOHA Kol Beriyos,
in הלל,Milifnei ELOHA Yaakov or. in על חטא, ELOHA Selichos

The correct pronunciation is ELOAH ( last syllable Ah
not Ha )

Harav Hagaon R. Moishe Feinstein zt"l* defends 
the masses who mispronounce words in קריאת שמע.
R. Moishe claims that a corrupt language that is spoken
by many turns into a language of its own. It's not לשון הקדש
but תפילה וקריאת שמע may be done in any language.
(There are other Poskim who are not as lenient)

אג"מ ח"ה:ד



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