Friday, September 2, 2022

דעת תורה


 Parshas Hashavua שפטים

ככל אשר יורוך

According to מורי ורבי הרה"ג ר' שלמה מילר שליט"א
דעת תורה applies only to הלכה & תורה השקפה.
There we have a מצוה דאורייתא to listen to our 

All other subjects (eg: medical advice etc.) is not
considered דעת תורה and one is not obligated to
follow their advice.

There are others who argue on מורי ורבי שליט"א 
and claim that a גדול who is a תלמיד חכם ויר"ש
and his mind is absorbed with only תורה, has a
special סיעתא דשמיא and all his opinions are 
considered דעת תורה.

I am just wondering, why nobody would think of
going to a Rosh Yeshivah who has been giving
Shiurim for the past 60-70 years on נשים -נזיקין etc,
a true גדול, and ask him his דעת תורה on a מראה דם
or on a  Kashrus שאלה of a chicken etc.
Yet, when this same Rosh Yeshivah tells
you not to vaccinate-operate etc. then it is 
considered דעת תורה?






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