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Parshas Hshhavua

              וקשרתם לאות על ידך

In   שו"ע הל' תפילין כ"ז:ד  it says not to have a חציצה between
the תפילין and the גוף.

The רמ"א explains that this Halacha applies only to the actual
תפילין but for the רצועות, there is no חציצה. 

The משנה ברורה ס"ק ט"ז quotes from the אחרונים to be מחמיר
even on the רצועות במקום ששייך לקשירה

Wearing hand watches became popular in the past 100 years
or so. Most watches before that were pocket watches.

The first one to deal with the שאלה of wearing a watch under 
the רצועות was the Tchehbiner Rav Zt"l who is more מחמיר than
the מ"ב (based on the  פרי מגדים) and holds to refrain from
wearing a watch under the רצועות even though it is not
near the קשר.

Harav Ovadya Yosef zt"l writes that he personally spoke to the Tchehbiner Rav  who told him that wearing a watch 
past the 7 כריכות there is no need to be מחמיר

ישראל קדושים
Those who remove their watch do so because they 
are מחמיר with 3-4 חומרות

1) No חציצה on רצועות
2) לכתחילה  only at קשר
3) only the first 7 כריכות
4) leather watch band
is מין במינו אינו חוצץ





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