Monday, July 25, 2022

6 answers to = 42



מטות מסעי


Rashi writes there are 42 מסעות in this week's Parsha.

If you count them, you will find only 41  מסעות.



1}  it says twice
ויסעו מרעמסס and ויסעו בני ישראל מרעמסס
Gathering  the Yidden from all over to 
one single point in רעמסס 
is considered  as the first מסע

2) The last Rashi in Chumash Shemos says.
“ the resting, at the way stations, are also
called מסע.
(מקום חנייתם אף הוא קרוי מסע)”

We count רתמה twice 1) while they were
stationed there 2) When they left רתמה

3)  מדבר צין & קדש  are considered as 2
The distance between the 2 מסעות is less than
a day therefore in the Torah it's not mentioned as two.

4) There is one other station named בארות בני יעקן
mentioned in Parshas עקב. It is different station from 
mentioned in our Parsha בני יעקן

5) While in רתמה Moshe told them not to 
go up to אל תעלו כי אין ה' בקרבכם 
By listening to Moishe & not being עובר
that's considered a מסע

6) In this week’s Parsha we only have 41, 
but there is one more מסע mentioned in 
Yehoshua. 3:1 ויסעו מהשטים



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