Monday, May 30, 2022

The four questions


מלמד שכפה הקב"ה עליהם את ההר כגיגית
ואמר להם אם אתם מקבלים התורה, 
מוטב, ואם לאו שם תהא קבורתכם

  The four questions on שבועות

1) What kind of a religion is it when a gun is pointed
at you and you are forced to accept it.?(no בחירה)

2) Why were the other nations not threatened
with שם תהא קבורתכם and why was the mountain
not dumped on them for refusing to accept the Torah?

3) Why the need to force them to accept the Torah
when they already said נעשה ונשמע and were ready
to accept it ( תוס' שבת פ"ח ע"א)

4) Why שם תהא קבורתכם "there" why not פה "here" under
this mountain?

Perhaps, Hashem wasn't threatening or forcing
the בני ישראל to accept the Torah on הר סיני. There was
no need to do so, being,
a) they had already done so  (נעשה ונשמע)
b) no point in forcing to accept the Torah by having
a gun pointed at them.

Hashem told the בני ישראל after they said נעשה ונשמע
that it was a good decision they made by accepting the
Torah. The only way for עם ישראל to survive & remain a
nation forever is by accepting and keeping the Torah.

Otherwise, had they not accepted the Torah then they
too would ח"ו end up "שם" over there where the other
empires & nations of the world are buried and disappeared
from the face of the earth.

 אין אומתינו אומה אלא בתורותיה
 Our nation is a nation only by זכות of its Torah" (רב סעדיה גאון)



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