Friday, January 14, 2022

The Big Mistake



The popular Minhag of פרשת המן on ג' בשלח
was unheard of just one generation ago. Not even
 Riminover Chasidim of the past ever heard of it.

In all of the כתבים of R. Mendel Riminover Zt"l there
is no mention of the ג' בשלח סגולה

The first מקור (source) of this Minhag is in the
ספר ילקוט מנחם חדש published in 1991. The Sefer
writes that Rav S.W. Weinberger Zt"l heard from the
Stropkover Rebbe Zt"l in the name of R.M.Riminov Zt"l  
about the ג' בשלח פרשת המן סגולה

After the publication of the Sefer, this Segulah spread
like wildfire. All the weekly Torah pamphlets & every
frum internet site and App. reminded us not to forget
to say פרשת המן on Tuesday בשלח.

*At a later date  Rav Weinberger's כתבים were found
in which he writes that  he heard from 
 the Stropkover
Rebbe how R,M, Riminover said פרשת המן, שנים מקרא 
ואחד תרגום EVERY DAY & had in mind that פרנסה
is מן השמים.
R.M.R. claimed that by having this כוונה
while reciting the Parsha you are assured not to ever
lack in פרנסה (As mentioned by the קדמונים)

Rav Weinberg wrote that it was on ג' בשלח when
he met the Stropkover Rebbe.

The confusion came about from this one line.
that he heard about this סגולה on ג' בשלח
from the Stropkover Rebbe
R.M.M. never said that there is a special day
of ג' בשלח to say the פרשת המן

שו"ת מגדל נאה מאת הרה"ג נפתלי אהרן וקשטיין שליט"א*


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