Thursday, January 27, 2022

No compromises- amazing vort from Reb Yoel


פרשת משפטים is the first פרשה after מתן תורה. Most of the פרשה deals with חשן משפט הלכות (damages/disputes between two parties)

Why then did the טור & בית יוסף place the חשן משפט last of the ד' חלקי שו"ע?       

The Satmar Rebbe R. Yoilish Teitelbaum Zt"l answered, that since חו"מ starts with הלכות דיינות where it says that the Bais Din must inform the litigants that they have the option to be judged by הלכה or by פשרה and a Bais Din who ends up ruling mostly by פשרה is to be praised.

Therefore, the חו"מ was not placed in the beginning so as not to think that the rest of שו"ע the same rule applies to make compromises.

Compromises are only to be made between two parties in dispute and not in the rest of הלכות in שו"ע where compromises are not praiseworthy and not order to do so.

The Rebbe continued "Now we can understand why
הלכות רבית & הל' צדקה which are monetary Halachos were not placed in חו"מ and placed instead in יורה דעה since
these Halachos are not to be compromised".

Reb Yoel Teitelbaum- Satmar Rebbe 



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