Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A צדיק who commits suicide

 Part 2

הלכה ולא למעשה*


The reason we don't apply the Halachos of מאבד עצמו לדעת today

is based on a ברכי יוסף and we assume it wasn't done with דעת.

We assume that those who commit suicide were mentally ill at

the time they acted and can't be blamed.

However, we can't ignore a whole Siman (chapter) in Shulchan Aruch

re the Halachos of dealing with a person who takes his life. It must be that there is a time when we don't assume the person to be mentally ill and the Halachos are applicable. 

Perhaps, when a Gadol & renowned Posek**says on an individual,

“What made things very clear was the suicide note. This was not a depressed person writing a note. This was narcissism at its best, this was manipulative, this was a person preparing to commit a violent crime, murder, and the victims…all of us, [he intended that] we should all feel guilty for his death. I think to any level-headed human being who has any sensitivity to human beings and a bit of nuance–it’s obvious.”

then it would be in order to apply the Halachos of מאבד עצמו לדעת even if the only עבירה he was ever עובר was suicide. 

1) The חכמת אדם writes there is no greater עבירה than committing suicide. It is considered like killing a whole world.

2) The חתם סופר writes he is עובר on שפיכת דמים one of the ג' עבירות 

In addition for every Yid even Reshaim מיתה מכפרת except for him.

3) The ערוך השלחן writes If we know for sure that he wasn't mentally ill even ר"ע would admit that we may curse and shame him. (לשון הרע)

* I am a Pashute Bal Haboos not a Rav (Can't Pasken)

**Harav Hagaon R. Yitzchok Berkowitz Shlita

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