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When not to say יעלה ויבא on ראש חדש

 LZ"N R. Tzvi Yehuda (Hashi) Friedman a"h  (1925-2005)

.נפטר בשבת קדש א' דר"ח טבת (ל' כסליו) ה'תשס"ו

R. Tzvi Yehuda (Hashi) Friedman a"h  (1925-2005)
.נפטר בשבת קדש א' דר"ח טבת (ל' כסליו) ה'תשס"ו

 Born in Pressburg, Slovakia, Reb Hashi was a descendant of the Chasam Sofer, whose youngest daughter, Rechel, married Reb Tzvi Yehuda Friedman from Topolcany. Their youngest son, Yeshaya,  had a son, Moshe. Reb Moshe had three sons, Nissan, Hashi, and Pinchas. Among Hashi’s Rabbaiem were Rav D,Z, Peteney (Maharsha Ha;Aruch) Rav Akiva Sofer (the Daas Sofer), Rav Avraham Shmuel Binyomin Sofer (the Cheishev Sofer),Rav Yidel Donath, Rav S.D. Unger (Nitra Rav) Rav Refuel Bloom (Kashau Rav) Rav Moshe Stern (Debrecen Rav)and Rav Michoel Ber Weissmandel zt"l.In the early forties, he was constantly running away from the Nazis ym"s. Wherever he escaped to he managed to pick up and learn from a new Rebbie. In 1944, he was sent to Auschwitz and marched the Death March to Gleiwitz and was transported to Buchenwald. His entire family was murdered and he remained the sole survivor in the family. His life was filled with Torah& Chesed.He had a brilliant mind, an original thinker, a Gevaldige Mechadesh, a tremendous memory and a keen interest in all facets in Torah.He was a tremendous Talmid Chacham and Yadan Bchol Miktzo'os Hatorah. His Olam Hazeh and greatest pleasure in life was to learn and teach Torah. Even in his office at work he had a Seforim Shrank fully stocked with Seforim so he could learn while he was free from work. He gave countless Shiurim Berabim. He was in the midst of giving a Gemoro Shiur, early in the morning when he was called out to move his car. On his way out he slipped on the ice and fell.He never regained consciousness. He was niftar the following day Shabbos Chanuka Parshas Mikeitz. He was Mekayam the Pasuk וזאת התורה אדם כי ימות באהל


The only reason he needs to repeat the שמונה עשרה is
because he did say יעלה ויבא on Rosh Chodesh
(in the שמונה עשרה).

הלכה מפורשת בשו"ע

The ( רא"ש (מס' ברכות פרק ד':ב says if one is required to Daven two Shemonei Esreis to compensate for the previous Tefillah (תשלומין) then one needs to Daven the proper שמונה עשרה first and afterward
the  תשלומין שמונה עשרה. One may not reverse the order.
(תשלומין first etc.)

The (רמ"א (או"ח סימן ק"ח:ט writes, "if one  Davened Rosh Chodesh Ma'ariv with two Shemonei Esreis (תשלומין for the previous Mincha) and he said יעלה ויבא the second שמונה עשרה and not the first שמונה עשרה then he needs to repeat the  שמונה עשרה (a third time)".

By not saying יעלה ויבא the first time and saying it the second time he shows that he considers the first שמונה עשרה as תשלומין for the Mincha of Erev Rosh Chodesh.

However had he not said יעלה ויבא on both שמונה עשרה he would not have to repeat a third time.

Hence, because he said יעלה ויבא (second שמונה עשרה)   on Rosh Chodesh he needs to repeat the שמונה עשרה


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