Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Zohar



 השבעתי אתכם בנות ירושלים  
The זהר in Parshas ויחי writes that  בנות ירושלים”
refers to the נשמה.  
The Gemoro (Kesubos 111a) says on this Pasuk in שיר השירים
Hashem made 3 שבועות
2 with the Bnei Yisroel and 1 with the Goyim.
1) They should not go up (to E. Yisroel) together by
force (like a wall)
2) They should not rebel against the Goyim
3) The Goyim should not oppress the Yidden, harshly.

The ויואל משה claims that the ג' שבועות are הלכה למעשה &
applicable today. The reason we don't find any mention
of the ג' שבועות in the Poskim (of the past) is that being
since the time of בר כוכבא, until today (Zionism) it was
unlikely for anybody to even think of rebelling against
the Goyim.
For a highly unusual situation, there is no need to
mention such a Halacha.

Many Poskim even though they opposed Zionism argue
on the ויואל משה and hold that since the רי"ף, רמב"ם ,רא"ש
,טור, שו"ע & the ראשונים  on the Gemoro the רמב"ן, ריטב"א
מאירי all of them fall to mention any such Halacha of ג' שבועות.
it must be that there is no such Halacha.

The concept of the ג' שבועות is an אגדה & not הלכה למעשה.
Historically, we don't find כלל ישראל ever accepting such 
a שבועה. and they won't be punished even if they were עובר
on them.  
שו"ת אבני נזר ב' תנ"ד



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