Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Innocent until proven guilty




                   Innocent until proven guilty

 The גמרא says that Rav Yehuda was struggling how to
 deal with a צורבא מרבנן דהוו סנו שומעניה A Rav who had
 a bad reputation. Rav Yehuda concluded, one should
 not learn Torah from him.

 This צורבא מרבנן was not a מומר (guilty person) but
 a סנו שומעניה  (bad reputation- not proven) yet 
 Rav Yehudah concluded one should not learn Torah
 from him.
The concept of  Innocent until proven guilty applies
 only to בית דין when they may punish a person 
 after he was proven to be guilty.

 It may also some times apply to הלכות לשון הרע.

 It should not be confused with the Goyishe concept

that even if he actually did commit the crime but
 was not found to be guilty in court he is innocent.





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