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The 5 day fast


Parshas Hashavua וישב

             The 5 day fast

The רמ"א (Y.D. 123: 26) quotes a תשובת הרא"ש,
"If someone drank יין נסך בשוגג, he should fast 5 days,
because It says 5 times גפן in חומש."

מפרשים ask on the רא"ש that there are actually
 7 times* “גפן”
Some claim that the 2 times mentioned in דברים
don't count
The אורח מישור writes, "You can't exclude משנה תורה
because it is also part of the חומש"

The ב"ח writes The רא"ש meant the five times it says
גפן at the story of the שר המשקים.

This is incorrect It only says twice גפן at the story of
the שר המשקים 
The אורח מישור. corrects the גירסא in the ב"ח, to read
except for the 2 at the שר המשקים. They are
not part of the count.
The Chasam Sofer has a lengthy explanation of why
we exclude the two times גפן at the .שר המשקים
(The two גפן's are referring to ירושלים של מעלה ושל מטה)

The truth is that the word גפן appears eight times* in
the Torah. (in seven Pesukim) 

Perhaps, we can explain the רא"ש by assuming
there was a printing mistake instead of ה ' פעמים
it should say ח' פעמים. The word גפן appears in the
Torah 8 times and therefore one who drank יין נסך
would have to fast 8 days. (Not 5 days).
(הלכה ולא למעשה)

*The 8 times גפן appears in the Torah
Breishis  40: 9 - 40:10 - 49:11                                                 3
Bamidbar  6:4 - 20:5                                                               2
Devarim  8:8 -  32:32 (twice in same Pasuk)                          3
total                                                                                        8


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