Thursday, November 11, 2021

Kreindel Steinhart's Vort on the Parsha


 לז"נ הני תרי נשי דיתבן בגן עדן, רות בת ר' צבי יהודה ופעסיל בת ר' בונם ע"ה יום השנה ז' כסליו

Mrs.Ruth Stefansky ע"ה, my mother in law was Niftar at the young age of 27-years leaving
behind her husband Rav Akiva Stefansky Zt"l and 3 young children

Mrs.Edith  (פעסיל) Dohany ע"ה &  her family were involved in saving hundreds of families from the Nazis ym"s . Amongst them, was my Mother ע"ה & her 2 siblings. Mrs. E. Dohany was also מוסר נפש  in helping Yidden behind the Iron curtain ברוחניות ובגשמיות  She was מוסר נפש having בריתות מילה and the סעודות performed behind the iron curtain. She sent with tens of Shluchim (My wife & I were one of them) medication, food & money and thereby being מציל נפשות of Yidden living behind the iron curtain


Kreindel was the sister of *R. Shaya Pik Berlin and the wife of **R Yosef Steinhardt (1720–1776)

She was a מלומדת and מחדש חידושים. She was highly educated in תורה.

Both, her brother & her husband quote some of her חידושים in their ספרים.

Reb Shaya Pik Berlin quotes a Vort from his sister Kreindel on this  week's Parsha in his ספר הפלאה שבערכין:

The גמרא says most women are into witchcraft. (רוב נשים מצויות בכשפים) so when Rochel told her father כי דרך נשים לי she was actually telling him the תרפים (the דרך נשים) are לי are with me.

* He completed the מסורת הש"ס and was considered the
greatest בקי of his time.

** מחבר ספר זכרון יוסף He  was the רבי of two famous תלמידים
הרב מרדכי בנעט & החכם וולף היידנהיים




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