Monday, September 13, 2021

Hiding under the wings



The ב"מ פ"ה גמרא  says that רבי was punished because
there once was a calf who escaped from the 
and hid under Rebbie's coat. Rebbie told the calf to
go back to the 
שחיטה because a calf was created
שחיטה – ( (לכך נוצרת

The question arises: Why was Rebbie punished?
He told the calf a legitimate reason why he should
go back - 
לכך נוצרת

The answer is that 
לכך נוצרת is only applicable
to the calves who are at the slaughterhouse. 
Their purpose is to be slaughtered.

However, a calf who hides under your coat and
begs for your protection you must protect,
even if he doesn't deserve it.
You may not send him back to the slaughterhouse
and claim 
לכך נוצרת.

Perhaps, that is Pshat in the 
סליחה we say
on עשי"ת & יו"כ.

יחביאנו צל ידו תחת כנפי השכינה"
"May he conceal us in the shelter of his hand,
beneath the wings of the Shechina."

Once we are sheltered under Hashem's wings,
we will be 
זוכה בדין even if we don't deserve it.


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