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Parshas Hashavua


(ויתד תהיה לך על אזנך (דברים כ"ג: י"ד



In the times of the second Bais Hamikdash, there were different
sects and cults. One of them was the ”Issi’im”  חז"ל
called them “טובלי שחרית”.(went to the Mikveh every morning). 

The טובלי שחרית considered טהרה and hygiene as one and
were very strict about it. They went to the Mikveh several
times a day.
They started the day by going to the Mikveh. They also went
to the Mikveh before the meals, after relieving themselves
and if they touched someone who was from a lower cast.


They also had חומרות in Hilchos Shabbos. They held
that all utensils even a 
כלי שמלאכתו להיתר   is Muktzah.
Shovels which are 
לאיסור מלאכתו was for sure מוקצה even
when used לצורך גופו.

They  wouldn't relieve themselves  the entire Shabbos 
because they wouldn’t use a shovel on Shabbos.



Now that you know this piece of history you will
understand the Gaon on the last תוספתא in
מסכת ידיים

(שהוא מלא צואה ולזה לא מהני טבילה)



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