Thursday, August 19, 2021

Don't Forget


The מהר"ם שיק מצוה תר"ה  writes, Those years where the following
year will be a שנה מעוברת (leap year), The חתם סופר would be
יוצא the Mitzvah of זכירת מחיית עמלק twice. The second time
when they leined the  Parshas Hashavua of כי תצא.

The reason was, according to the Gemoro people forget after
12 months. Therefore we have פרשת זכור once a year,
not to be עובר the לאו of “לא תשכח”.   

So as not to have from one פרשת זכור to the following one,
more than 12 months, the חת"ס made sure (in a leap year)
to have כוונה to be יוצא the Mitzva at the קריאה of the
Parshas כי תצא and again on פרשת זכור.  

It is interesting, in the תשובות(E.H. 1: 119) The Chasam Sofer
writes that "In a leap year Hashem changes the human nature
and it takes 13 months to forget instead of 12 months.



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