Monday, August 23, 2021

Can you crack the code?


Reb Avrohom Ganichovsky zt"l in his younger years 


This past Shabbos, I read parts of a biography on Harav
Hagaon R. Avrohom Ganichovsky zt"l (R.Y. Tchebin)

R. Avrohom Ganichovsky, whenever he met his friend
להבדיל בין חיים לחיים, Harav Hagaon R. Dov Landau Shlita
(R.Y. Slabodka) they spoke in learning in code language.

One mentioned a few words or a מראה מקום and the other
responded the same way. They both understood what the
other meant to say.

The ספר gives an example and writes, They met each other on Sunday פ' כי תבא and R. Dov Landau told him that during
קריאת התורה of the past Shabbos he was thinking,

"האם לא יוכל לשלחה חל על לא יוכל שלחה"

To this Reb Avrohom Ganichovsky responded
"בשלא כדרכה"

There is no explanation in the ספר the meaning of this
conversation or what's it's all about.

Can you crack the code?


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