Tuesday, July 6, 2021

THE YOM TOV OF כ"ו תמוז

Part 1


THE YOM TOV OF כ"ו תמוז


R. Shmuel Gurary A"H a wealthy Chabad Chasid, purchased hundreds of letters of the בעל שם טוב that were found in the Kherson Geniza.
He presented them to ​his Rebbe the Maharshab, Harav Shalom Dov Ber zt"l

In the 1930s, R. Yosef Yitzhak,Schneerson zt"l (Frierdiger Rebbe) 
published some three hundred letters, purportedly from 
the pen of the בעל שם טוב & his Talmidim. in the Chabad journal, "התמים". 

There are two letters in the התמים where the בעל שם טוב
and some of his Talmidim declared כ"ו תמוז as a 
Yom Tov to be celebrated by all future generations
as a יום משתה ושמחה וגיל לנו ולזרעינו-- עד העולם

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