Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The most difficult command in the Torah


Parshas Hashavua
מטות מסעי                         

             והייתם נקיים מה' ומישראל

According to the Chasam Sofer, the most difficult
command in the Torah is, "והייתם נקיים -
It's next to impossible to fulfill this command.

The Chasam Sofer (Shut 6 : 59) writes. "There are two obligations 

1) To come clean from Hashem
2) from Bnei Yisroel. 

It is much easier to fulfill the first obligation than the second one.

The punishment on the second obligation is also much greater.
(Chillul Hashem).

You can have a person doing something which is Halachicly 
correct, but isn't careful  and some "שותי שכר" (beer drinkers)
mistakenly accuse him of wrongdoing, such a person has not  
fulfilled his obligation of והייתם נקייםמישראל.

It is almost impossible to fulfill this obligation. It is very likely
שלמה המלך had this in mind when he wrote אין צדיק בארץ

We find  the Bnei גד etc. followed
Moishe Rabbeinu's advice and fought along
with the other שבטים for 14 years. They were punished 
to be sent to גלות before the rest of כלל ישראל,
because they haven't fulfilled 100% the obligation

of והייתם נקיים ."


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