Monday, May 31, 2021

The Blood Libel


In 1171 כ' סיון the first blood libel in continental Europe was orchestrated in Blois France

As a result of a church-sponsored trial,31 members of the
Jewish community were burned at the stake.

The רבינו תם & the ריב"ם organized a fast day & to say
סליחות on כ' סיון. They considered this fast more important
than 'צום גדלי.
Since then there were 150 recorded blood libels.

In 1648, 744 קהילות were destroyed during the גזירת ת"ח ות"ט,
In total up to 50,000 Yidden were killed. When they killed
6000 Yidden in Nimirov, (70 miles from Uman) the ש"ך
reestablished the fast day & סליחות to be held on כ' סיון

In 1946, one year after the end of the holocaust where six 
million Yidden were murdered, the Hungarian Gedolim
reintroduced the תענית & סליחות* of כ' סיון

*Fasting, only for those under the age of 55 years


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