Thursday, March 11, 2021

Mistakes Of Gedolim





Mori V'Rabi Harav Hagaon Reb Shlomo Miller Shlita 

 "The Velt (people of the world) has two misconceptions
on Gedolim.

1) A גדול can't make mistakes.

2) If they make a mistake they are not a גדול anymore.

Both statements are untrue." 

In this week’s  Parsha  (ויקהל) one of the
גדולי המפרשים made a mistake with the
translation of the word ועשה.
ועשה בצלאל- כל מלאכת עבודת הקדש 
He mistakenly translated 
And  בצלאל made (past tense) 

The תרגום אונקלס  has also been mistakenly
changed  from ויעביד V’yabeid (He shall do)
to ועבד Vavad (He did).

The Ibn Ezrah (36 -1) and Rashi in מכות י"ב ע"א 
both say, ועשה is a command
( future)  And בצלאל shall make etc. 

The ו (Vav) of ועשה changes the word from past tense
to future tense 

it is said in the name of the מהרי"ל דיסקין
“When being מעביר סדרה you should say in the
Targum  ויעביד V’yabeid and not the way it is
printed in the Chumashim* ועבד “ Vavad” otherwise
you are not יוצא שניים מקרא

*The new עוז והדר חומש corrected
the Targum to ויעביד.

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