Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Father a כהן Son a ישראל


While his father is alive this בכור needs no פדיון הבן.
It is only after his father dies that he needs to
do פדיון on himself.


Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 305:19


A כהן who has a son who is a בכור and a חלל 

(a חלל loses his status as a  כהן, therefore, 
the father is a כהן & son is a ישראל)  


All the years the father is alive there is no need
to do פדיון הבן.

However, if the father dies within 30 days of his son's

birth then the son needs to redeem himself.

If the father dies after the 30 days of birth, then the
son puts aside 5 סלעים but doesn't hand it to a כהן


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