Monday, December 14, 2020

transferring sins

                PARSHAS HASHAVUA

   ויאמר ראובן אל אביו לאמר את שני בני תמית                                                        

Maran Harav A.Y.L. Shteinman zt"l  said he heard that
R. Chaim Brisker when signing  his name would not add
his father's name (בן הגרי"ד) because the first year after
the death of a parent or Rebbie one is obligated to add
when mentioning their name (הריני כפרת משכבו (ה as if to
say that all sins of the parent/Rebbie should be transferred
to the child/Talmid.

R. Chaim was concerned and fearful of accepting the sins
of his father the Bais Halevi therefore he wouldn't mention
his father the first year after the Bais Halevi's Petirah.

Since he didn't mention him the first year he kept it up and
never* signed his name בן הגרי"ד"

Harav Shteinman brings this story as one more proof that
one can actually transfer sins from one person to another. 

This is what Reuvain told his father that he is prepared to
accept all the sins which might even cause the death

of his two sons should he not bring back Binyamin.
(see Malbim)

Rav Shteinman writes some claim that R. Chaim changed his mind later in life

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