Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Lentils for the שמחה



Parshas Hashavua Toldos.


This vegetable is served at Simchos. It is also mentioned in this week's Parsha.

The Midrash writes that Yaakov served lentils to Esav
because it symbolizes אבילות & שמחה. The אבילות was
for Avraham's death The שמחה was for Yaakov's
acquiring the בכורה.

Rashi quotes the Tanchuma that Lentils are served
at Simchos.
The עץ יוסף explains that perhaps they served lentils
at Simchos to remind them of the יום המיתה.
(similar to breaking a glass)


There are numerous answers on why Yaakov served
wine to Yitzchok when all he asked was for food.
The שר התורה Harav Chaim Kanievski Shlita answered
" Yitzchok enjoyed eating venison. with a glass of wine".

  מטעמים כאשר אהב אביו 




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