Wednesday, September 23, 2020

תפילת זכה


תפילת זכה
part 1

תפילת זכה  is less than 200 years old. It is the most
recent and the last addition ever added to our Machzor.

The original תפילה was printed in the second edition (1819) of
the ספר חיי אדם.
At a later date, a pamphlet with the תפילה was printed. At  an
even later date it was incorporated and printed in the Machzor.

Since then almost all Ashkenazi Yidden, Nusach Ashkenaz
& Nusach Sefard, Chasidim & Misnagdim accepted this תפילה
and say it before & after כל נדרי.

However, Minhag Chabad is not to say it. The reason probably
is because R Avraham Danzig was a Misnaged.

There are others who they too don't say it because
the חיי אדם writes to have adopted this תפילה based
on the ספר חמדת הימים. The ספר חמדת הימים is a
controversial  Sefer. The יעבץ and others claim that it was
authored by נתן העזתי (Nathan from Gaza) The נביא שקר 
of שבתאי צבי ימ"ש.

The truth is that in חמדת הימים there is no תפילה similar 
to the תפילת זכה. The חיי אדם writes that he didn't use
the חמדת הימים because it is על פי הקבלה which most 
don't understand. He instead based it on ספרי קדמונים


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